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The CP Info Project consortium partners

Cerebral Palsy Australia, Ability First, Cerebral Palsy Support Network and Cerebral Palsy Alliance will collaborate on the project to deliver an online ‘one stop shop’ for information relating to cerebral palsy for people with CP, their families, support providers, the community and mainstream services.

Across the partnership, the consortium will work together to focus on authentically representing their members, clients and participants on the issues that are most important to them.

Most significantly, the partnership and project will embed people with CP at the very centre of its development and implementation.

Partner Organisations

Cerebral Palsy Australia

Since 1952, Cerebral Palsy Australia (formerly known as CP Australia and the Australian Cerebral Palsy Association) has provided a national voice for cerebral palsy awareness and has positively contributed to the community through research and development for children and adults with cerebral palsy.

Ability First Australia

Ability First Australia is one of the largest not for profit strategic alliances between 14 of Australia’s leading disability service providers. Our organisation represents the interests of around $1 billion worth of support services to over 92,000 people with disability, their families and carers. Our member organisations share information and best practice, benefit from economies of scale and are involved in research and learnings that benefit people with disability.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) provides family-centred therapies, life skills programs, equipment and support for people and their families living with cerebral palsy and other neurological and physical disabilities. Their priority is to help babies, children, teenagers, and adults living with neurological and physical disabilities lead the most comfortable, independent, and inclusive lives possible. In 2005, CPA also established a Research Foundation to fund Australian and international research to find a prevention and cure for cerebral palsy. CPA operates from 135 sites throughout metropolitan, regional, and rural NSW and the ACT.

Cerebral Palsy Support Network

The Cerebral Palsy Support Network (CPSN) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation based in Victoria which provides information, services, and support to people with cerebral palsy and their families.  Originally established in 1995 as a monthly support group for parents, membership has rapidly grown and now, over two decades later, the organisation is incorporated and registered, governed and led by people with cerebral palsy and their families, serving almost 1700 members.

You can become involved in the CP Info Project in several ways

There are many ways that you can get involved in The CP Info Project:

  • Sign up for updates
  • Participate in online surveys
  • Participate in consultations and engagement activities
  • Join our reference group